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Sample Private Railroading Trips


Make your next trip, corporate meeting, or special event something that is truly amazing and memorable. Traveling on the Moonlight Dome private rail car is the ultimate in luxury, combining the charm, sophistication, and style of historical railway travel with modern amenities. As you would expect in a luxury rail car, you will receive first-class service.

Whether you travel from the Great Plains through the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific coastline, or roam about to the Northeast towards Washington, DC, you’ll have a 360 degree view to some of the most spectacular sights this country has to offer.  Travelling by rail is simply the best way to travel. It is a unique experience for anyone who has not done it before. Those that have traveled by luxury rail before will know how incredibly luxurious it is. The sights are unlike anything you experience in a car or by plane, plus there is the soothing background noise that only exists in a rail car.

You can take one of our standard trips or you can create your own itinerary traveling with your family and friends.  The options you have for travel are limited only by the Amtrak network of railway lines.  Your cross-country private rail adventures starts at $5,000 to $6,500 per day.


Other wonderful destinations to consider include: *

  • Boston ($60,500 for 24 people)

  • DC & Miami ($82,750 for 24 people)

  • Albuquerque

  • Kansas City

  • St. Louis

  • Los Angeles ($75,000 for 24 people)

  • LA & Seattle ($94,500 for 24)

  • West Glacier, MT

  • Whitefish, MT

  • Philadelphia

  • Chicago-Emy-SEA-SPO-CH ($99,000 for 24 people)

  • Chicago-LA-SEA-Chicago

*based upon Amtrak’s 2019 pricing.

When chartering Moonlight Dome by itself, 3 staterooms are used for guests thus allowing total guest occupancy of 6 people or 3 couples. When adding the Birch Grove sleeper to the Moonlight Dome, the additional bedrooms allow for an additional 18 guests for a total capacity of 24 people (or 12 couples) sharing in the cost of a luxury private rail trip.

Just email us at info@cincinnatirailway.com for pricing

 “I could travel like this forever. It’s so relaxing.” E.C.