400 Murray Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45217


The Cincinnati Railway Company has beautiful luxury railcars for travel on rail lines throughout the U.S. and Canada.

If you have always dreamed of traveling on a luxury yacht or cruise liner, this is the way to enjoy that quality of experience on dry land. Travel on a dome car with a 360 degree view. A companion sleeper car sleeps up to 21 in dreamy comfort. Elegant dining is yours for the asking with a personal chef and full crew.

Your once-in-a-lifetime vacation for family and friends starts with The Cincinnati Railway Company.

The Cincinnati Railway Company is uniquely qualified to offer an array of charter excursions on regularly scheduled Amtrak routes.  With both cars being based in Chicago, we can connect to virtually all regularly scheduled Amtrak trains. By offering a Dome Car and a Companion Sleeping Car, we can accommodate groups as small as four or as large as 24. A custom charter excursion can be designed to meet almost any imaginable need.

Few places can you find multiple Amtrak compliant cars, located on an existing Amtrak route, capable of small or large charters via Amtrak. All of this enables us to offer affordable private car railroading with one stop shopping ability.

The Cincinnati Railway Company operates two independently owned 1950’s rail cars that are used for private charters.

Once the preferred mode of travel for most Americans, passenger rail offered a unique & relaxing, service-oriented travel experience– characteristics seemingly lost amidst today’s hurried and demanding schedule. However, not everyone settles for this impersonal status quo.

Based on your destination and the length of your trip, we prepare the intricate details of your excursion; a detailed itinerary, a personal chef and/or additional staff to accompany and serve you, gourmet meals while in transit, as well as drinks and snacks along the way.

We handle the communication and trip approvals through Amtrak while our personal chef serves as your car attendant. He makes sure you’re always aware of your schedule and is available to answer any questions you might have along the way.

“As a mileage collector, any rail travel on rare track is a good trip. Riding with the Cincinnati Railway people turns that travel into a great trip, with the additional pleasures of fine equipment, great food and some to the best staff on the rails. It is always a pleasure to return each year.” S.C.