Dining with a side of Scenery

Join the Cincinnati Dinner Train for a ride in our newly acquired long distance coach class car!


The Milwaukee Road #3200 coach car with seating up to 60 is comfortable with two seats next to each other on either side of the aisle. The seats can be adjusted so that a group of four can face each other during the ride. Drinks are available for purchase from the adjacent Queen City Tavern car.  Meals are not included in your ticket price.    You are more than welcomed to bring on board a carryout meal from a local restaurant or prepared from your home.  We do offer DiGiorno pizza which can be purchased on board.  All beverages must be purchased on board.  No beverages can be brought onto the train.  This includes water bottles.

In late 2014, the movie “Carol” was shot in Cincinnati at various locations. Coach car 3200 was used for two scenes featuring the star of the movie Rooney Mara.

Travel into the dining cars is prohibited.  The #3200 also features a women’s and men’s restroom.



$29.95 per person


Parking & Boarding:

2172 Seymour Avenue behind the Green Sales Company.



Please call 513-791-7245 to reserve your spot on the train today!